Mix Match!
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Mix Match!

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Can't decide on a favorite? We will mix and match a surprise set of 6 for you!  Great for cleaning countertops and messes, wiping hands and face, meal time napkins, and anything you might use paper towels for. And of course, to bring an extra splash of color and fun to your home.

*Photos show an example of a surprise combo, patterns will vary. 

Measure 10"x12" 

Edges are serged for durability. Fabric hugs together nicely and can easily be rolled onto a paper towel roll. This makes replacing your old paper habit with a new, colorful and convenient, sustainable one!  

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Avoid the use of fabric softener, as this limits absorbency.

If it happens to fray, it's okay! Slight fraying over time is natural. REtowels can be washed and reused hundreds of times. Paper towels are used once and then tossed only to be purchased again and again. REtowels will not only save money in the long term but help to sustain our planet's precious resources like trees, water, and soil.