Fall is right around the corner, and with that comes the start of a new school year! We understand how trying to be a sustainable steward at school can be tricky. So, we here at Coast to Coast have compiled a list of easy ways to go back to school in a sustainable way!


Food Waste can be a huge contributor to any school's waste stream. When packing a lunch, try to only pack what you know is going to be eaten that day. That way, you can limit the chance of half-eaten food going to waste. Maybe try foods that can be saved for later if it doesn't all get finished at school. For example, try apple slices of a whole apple, that way the leftover slices can be eaten later as a snack!


Plastic Waste also plays a big part during lunch time. Instead of single-use plastic snack bags, try using Tupperware and REsnack bags instead! They can be a bit of an investment, but you will get to save on costs down the line and won’t have to worry about unnecessary plastic waste.

If you end up with a little bit of food leftovers or maybe a plastic water bottle, try to see if there is an option to compost any food scraps and make sure to recycle what you can! Every little impact adds up to make a big difference.

School Supplies can be a huge expense and create a lot of consumption. Try to see what notebooks, pens, backpacks, and other supplies can be reused from the previous school year before starting your back-to-school shopping.






It might be helpful to check local thrift stores to find supplies as well! Notebooks, pens, backpacks, calculators, and more can usually be found which means less consumption (and cost) on your end!

    For older students, try checking out websites like ThriftBooks.com to find used textbooks. They will cost less and are better on the planet. Remember that it's always better to buy second-hand or thrifted than brand new as it's important to reduce consumption.


    After School Activities and Extra-Curriculars are a great way to get involved with sustainable projects! See if your school has a zero-waste club, recycling club, or gardening club, and think about joining. If there isn’t a club already, consider starting one! It might seem like a daunting task at first, but you might be surprised to learn how excited other people can be to participate when you have a good idea!



    To celebrate the new school year we are having a 20% off sale from August 15th-25th. Our products are great for making school lunches less wasteful! Let us know in the comments if there are any other ways you can think of to make the school year more sustainable. 

    We wish you all the best and have a great school year everybody!

    Madeline Simmons