"These are by far my most favorite and the most comfortable masks I own." - Molly D.

“Thank you! I have to wear a mask 10 hours a day, four days a week, in addition to occasional use elsewhere. I also wear glasses and have sensitive skin. Your masks are comfortable, look good, fog my glasses a lot less, arrived quickly, and in minimal, recyclable packaging.” - Anne S.

"Love, love, love, and OH so comfy!" - Jennifer T.

"I just received my cool masks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red polka dots. I have tried the others yet but the size and fit is awesome. I feel like I can breathe better with this style and size. Yay!" - Jenna R. 

"We love our masks!" - Cathy and Brian 


"Everyone loves my masks, they are the best!" - Lesley


"We received ours last week and they are perfect! Washable, soft, comfortable and most importantly--easy to adjust for a good fit." - Carol


 "I love my mask because it adjusts perfectly and  comes in so many different colors!"Laurie A.



"I love my mask. I have room to breathe. They are light, comfortable, and still give me the added protection I need for not only work but my everyday life. They are well made and I'm very thankful for them. I have gotten several not only for me but my family and friends." - Jen B.


"You are the third person to make and send them to us...far and away you have got the best design and the most comfy!" - Stan


"I LOVE the contour. And holy cow, it's nice to not have elastic behind my ears!" - Liz L.

"I forgot my mask at home today and had to wear one of the disposable ones. It got spit on the side where there is a big gap so I will not be wearing any masks but yours, thank you so much for keeping me safe!" - Suzanne W.