REusable Bowl Covers

These Reusable Bowl Covers Are Awesome! - Kandi
Rating (1-5): 5
Review: I purchased my first Coast to Coast Sustainables bowl cover at a summer market because I make cat food twice a week in a big bowl and I was sad about how much plastic wrap I was using and throwing away. I fell in love with my C2C washable, reusable, colorful bowl cover so I put more sizes on my Christmas wish list and my collection began to grow! Within a year I have accumulated EIGHT bowl covers in all different sizes and patterns (including a custom made XXL one) and I use them constantly for everything! I even took them all on our family camping trip this summer! They are so easy to care for – most of the time I only need to wipe the inside liner with a damp cloth after use, but when they need a little deeper cleaning I simply hand wash them with dish soap and hang them to dry. These bowl covers are very high quality and even the one I have had for a year and use twice weekly for my cat food looks exactly like it did the day I bought it. They are so much more convenient to use and are withstanding the test of time much better than other brands of the wax type covers I have tried and not cared for. You will not be disappointed in C2C brand covers!!



2020  REusable Mask Reviews! 

"These are by far my most favorite and the most comfortable masks I own." - Molly D.

“Thank you! I have to wear a mask 10 hours a day, four days a week, in addition to occasional use elsewhere. I also wear glasses and have sensitive skin. Your masks are comfortable, look good, fog my glasses a lot less, arrived quickly, and in minimal, recyclable packaging.” - Anne S.

"Love, love, love, and OH so comfy!" - Jennifer T.

"I just received my cool masks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red polka dots. I have tried the others yet but the size and fit is awesome. I feel like I can breathe better with this style and size. Yay!" - Jenna R. 

"We love our masks!" - Cathy and Brian 


"Everyone loves my masks, they are the best!" - Lesley


"We received ours last week and they are perfect! Washable, soft, comfortable and most importantly--easy to adjust for a good fit." - Carol


 "I love my mask because it adjusts perfectly and  comes in so many different colors!"Laurie A.



"I love my mask. I have room to breathe. They are light, comfortable, and still give me the added protection I need for not only work but my everyday life. They are well made and I'm very thankful for them. I have gotten several not only for me but my family and friends." - Jen B.


"You are the third person to make and send them to us...far and away you have got the best design and the most comfy!" - Stan


"I LOVE the contour. And holy cow, it's nice to not have elastic behind my ears!" - Liz L.

"I forgot my mask at home today and had to wear one of the disposable ones. It got spit on the side where there is a big gap so I will not be wearing any masks but yours, thank you so much for keeping me safe!" - Suzanne W.