REtowel Single Design


Discover the beauty of sustainability with our REtowels – the perfect alternative to traditional paper towels. Made from soft flannel fabric, these towels offer a snug fit when rolled onto a paper towel roll, effortlessly replacing your old paper habit with a colorful and convenient solution!

Ideal for a multitude of uses, our REtowels excel at cleaning countertops, wiping hands and faces, serving as mealtime napkins, and tackling any task you would typically use paper towels for.

Each set includes 6 towels, generously sized at 10"x12", with serged edges for enhanced durability. *Fabric is not pre-washed, some shrinkage expected. 

Embrace the natural beauty of slight fraying over time – it's a sign of their eco-friendly durability. Unlike single-use paper towels, REtowels can be washed and reused hundreds of times, saving you money in the long run while helping to sustain our planet's precious resources such as trees, water, and soil.

Make the switch to REtowels today and join us in creating a cleaner, greener future, one wipe at a time!

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry on low, these towels are designed for easy maintenance. Avoid fabric softener to preserve their absorbency and longevity.