Having a low-waste lifestyle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice!

An easy way to start and incorporate a sustainable mindset is to choose products that can be washed not tossed whenever possible. If you put this idea into action you will be amazed at the changes you can make. 

For example, when storing leftovers, use washable containers instead of plastic bags. When going to the store bring your own bag instead of using plastic or even paper. These are simple ideas and probably ones many of us already do, or at the very least have the option to do!

At C2C we strive to create products that can be reused many times over and others that use new material which would otherwise go to waste. High-quality fabrics that can be turned into something fun and functional. 

Below are four of our favorite Sustainable Solutions to lowering waste.

1) Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bags - Forget the throwaway bags, often filled with unnecessary ingredients and preservatives. Place kernels in these washable fabric bags and heat for only 2-3 minutes, season how you like and enjoy a healthy, tasty snack!

2) Paper towels can be a tough habit to break, seemingly so convenient. Once you have a set of REtowels rolled up in the same spot and ready to pull off, trust me, you will not want to go back. Mix and match them to your style, use with meals, for spills, and most anything you would the single-use paper. Only wash and reuse...over and over and over! There are two things we continue to use paper for and those are bacon grease and fish. All in all, a huge save on waste!

3) Say goodbye to buying cotton facial rounds and filling up your bathroom trashcan. RErounds work just as well, using two layers of soft, cotton flannel. Perfect for removing make-up, applying make-up and toner, and washing your face. Not to mention designs that add a splash of fun to your beauty routine. 

4) While bringing your own bag to the grocery store or when out shopping isn't anything new, it's definitely a game-changer and must be mentioned for top ways to lower waste. Don't rely on plastic bags the stores provide, our planet has seen enough piles of plastic, not just in the trash but on the streets and in the oceans. Did you know it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to break down and on average is only used for 12 minutes? Yikes, that seems unreal. So make sure to bring your own and always keep extra in the car for those last minute trips. More to come soon on our small and large market totes! 

Keep up the good work and remember even the smallest changes can have a big impact! 

Stephanie Torres