Foaming Rice Facial Polish


Foaming Rice Facial Polish

This powder-to-creamy polish will give you the softest skin you've ever had — without the irritation of acids or harsh exfoliates.

  • Natural pineapple enzyme detaches dead skin cells.
  • Soft rice granules physically buff them away. Rice's innate soothing characteristics couple with those of Kaolin Clay, Zinc.
  • Vitamin E helps to calm and nourish the freshly revealed skin, creating a soft and healthy top layer. 

Packaged in a slim 100% recycled aluminum bottle, that can be refilled or recycled when finished.


Pour a quarter sized amount into the palm of the hand, add water and rub gently until light lather is reached. Gently massage onto face or body, avoiding the eyes. Polish for at least one minute, then rinse off completely. Alternatively, feel free to sprinkle the polish on already damp skin, lathering and massaging directly from there. 

Follow up with usual skincare routine, but avoid the use of additional exfoliants the same day. Use 3 to 4 times a week.